Digital membership card


You can now access your new Digital Membership Card directly from your phone’s digital wallet.

Conveniently download your Mooney Mooney Club Digital Membership card to your phone and enjoy the following features;

  • View your R Ultimate Reward Level and Points Balance in real time
  • Redeem your R Ultimate Points at any point of sale
  • View and redeem your annual Birthday Gift* at any point of sale
  • Never lose or forget another Membership Card

Step 1: Click here and enter your mobile number linked to your Mooney Mooney Club membership.

Step 2: Select the link in the text message we’ve just sent you, follow the prompts to download to your Apple or Google Wallet.

Step 3: You are now ready to use your card at Mooney Mooney Club.

If you have any questions, experience any difficulty downloading your Digital Membership Card or would like to verify your details, please contact

Please be advised that physical membership cards will still be available from Club Reception.