Ultimate Prepaid eftpos Card

Ultimate Prepaid eftpos Card

The Ultimate Prepaid eftpos Card has been created to give members the freedom to spend R Ultimate Points earned with Revesby Workers Club at any merchant in Australia that accepts eftpos, subject to merchant discretion. You can also transfer promotional wins onto the card, as well as load your own funds onto the card for additional or higher value purchases.

Cardholders are able to spend the available balance on the card using eftpos terminals across Australia, at merchant discretion – that’s 325,000 retailers nationwide!

There are no credit checks required, and the card is not linked to your personal bank accounts. It’s a totally prepaid solution.

As a cardholder you’ll also be eligible to gain access to special promotions and activities at Revesby Workers’ Club specifically designed for the Ultimate Program. (Terms and conditions apply).


  • Use your card at 325,000 retailers across Australia, at merchant discretion
  • Convert your R Ultimate points you earn with Revesby Workers’ Club to a dollar value
  • Keep your converted R Ultimate Points, promotional wins, and own funds all on one card!
  • Pay bills
  • Eat out at restaurants
  • Save for a holiday
  • Exclusive access to Ultimate promotions
  • Reduces the need to carry cash
  • Choose where you want to shop